Meet Us


Mission Statement : Proven Results

Since 1996, our team members have created work that has provided clients with creative solutions that help them evolve in a technology-saturated and competitive landscape. Marrying exceptional creative execution with a deep understanding and knowledge of technology is at the foundation of what we do.

Our philosophy is one of constant evolution. In the digital realm, we have the capacity to know more than ever about our audience, but now they are not just consumers, they are contributors.

As experts in Media, Emerging Technology and User Experience, we are an independent new media agency than can partner with you to create work that is conceptual, relevant and will produce tangible results.

Anthony Mauzy : Owner, Creative Director

Anthony Mauzy formed SIDIAN with over thirteen years of experience in web design and marketing for non-profits, government agencies, and the software industry in Austin, TX.

As the Creative Director, he is responsible for the design and implementation of client websites, web-based promotional campaigns, and offline collateral.